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Investment Approach:
By integrating bottom-up research and market insight, we construct and manage risk-controlled portfolio that generates return.
We invest in companies that are at discount and focus on creating corporate value through engagement activities.
Our team is based in Japan and has diversified background with a deep understanding of the business environment as well as culture.

Reference: Investment Advisory Experiences

■Monex Activist Fund, “The Future of Japan”

We sub-advise to the mother fund of Monex Activist Fund. The Monex Activist Fund is a publicly offered open-ended mutual fund domiciled in Japan.

The Monex Activist Fund, “The Future of Japan” has been awarded with 2020 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards Nikkei Veritas Award for its innovative approach to investment and potential impact to the Japan’s corporate sector transformation.

■Japan Catalyst Fund (Privately Placed Fund)

We sub-advise to Monex Asset Management who is managing the Japan Catalyst Fund. This fund is a privately placed mutual fund domiciled Japan.

■Japan Catalyst Fund(Offshore Fund)

We sub-advise to Gordian Capital Singapore Private Limited who is managing the Japan Catalyst Fund. This fund is Cayman-registered corporate-type investment fund.

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